A great year within


This is the time, when almost everyone are making the reflection. Page 365 of 365. December 31st just couple hours before a new calendar will be hanged.

Just like everyone, I’m taking a bit of me time. At the corner of a good cafe gallery. Near my Yoga class will be held in 55 mins. I leave a bit early from my fancy office. Have a bite of choco-lava cake. And remember all the sweets that I had within a year. Here are couple things I should grateful of this year.


Great playground to learn.

I spend more than 8 hours a day on the most popular office building in the city. Challenge myself to give ma best performance to an IT company. This industry isn’t slow at all. There are always new things to absorb — sometimes in super fast period of time. So lucky I work with great teams. Most of them have a-can-do-atittude, as well as willingness to learn and to collaborate. Can’t imagine to run these kind of business without those mindsets. As a newb in an office life, I can say Imma lucky bastard.

Work has helped me a lot in learning a rhythm. To put things that I need in the future at  a good sequence. To get prepared for any unpredictable things that could’ve happened. To manage the unmanaged. They’re not easy. Couple of times I smiled when leaving a meeting room, couple of times I cried too. But, you know, it’s a playground. It’s suppose to makes you happy while playing. sometime’s you fell from a swing, or getting hit by a bad friend, but you still come to the same playground the next day. You try another vehicle. You make friends with a new comer. See if you can still find the fun you wanna get on there.

Great friends along the way.

Not saying that I have a perfect non-office life. I lose friends, get (even better) ones too. They come and go within a year, teaching life lessons. One of good lesson is: don’t get too attached. We never have any of these things at the first place anyway, so always knew that there will be a time to lose them. We just don’t know how and when. Experience the joy as well as hurts they may put. Life won’t be balanced without those.

Great family and home. 

Redefining the word “family” and “home” are not as simple as packed your things into cases and move to a new place (The second one is not easy too, btw). This year, I can say that this is the most difficult challenge that I need to face. This is how I survived:  I ask this question everytime: “Think, Ika: what would you do differently to make this better?”, then I’ll do it, and repeat. “Better things” that I could think of at that time, might not “better enough” — you know, I’m not that smart. But I knew that I took a tiny step towards a light.

After all, every definition in life will eventually change anyway. Not only the definition of Home and Family.

I called Bandung a home in 2013, San Francisco at 2014, and now Jakarta for 2015. Changes will grow you. That’s what I believe.


So, do I survive?

2015 is not an easy year at all. Hustles. Tears. Fear. Scars. All were there. But there were also joy, contentment, and compassion stopped by. A month before new year, and I start thinking already about excited things thay I wanna get next year. Take deep breaths, close eyes, and picture sweet moments that will come.

Will do more travel. Will pray harder. sleep better. Exercise more often. Eat nice fruits. Put bigger smile. And most of all, live happier.

Happy new year, readers! I do hope you had a great year as mine. See you on 2016!


Ps: Pics are from our last 3200KM road trip, ended in Bali. We celebrated 30th annivs of Mom and Dad. Saw nice places. And got bonded for sure.


It’s 2015, Baby!

I know this maybe too late for a “welcome 2015” kind of post. Let’s see, 40 days passed by already. And I enjoy every single second of it! Here are my stories within those days:

I bought myself a new car at December 31st, so I could wander around the city at the first day of the year. As cheesy as it may sound, I wanna start the year with one awesomeness, hence the car. I remember I drove it the next day I work. At lunch time, like 8 people together from work went to have super spicy Ayam Taliwang — we went there by the car. Happy.

New Year’s eve also went great. Spent it with peeps from undergrad. A lotttt of stories and laughters, and shrimps, and fishes, chickens, all good stuffs. So happy I had these peeps. Later after that night, we had couple of lunch time together near office, Coffee on the weekends, invitation for Stand-up comedian show, anddd the list goes on and on. Super glad.

Met again with biffles from SF-chapter was one of my happiness sources within these 40 days of 2015. Always a good time to meet them. They’re happy dreamers. Always have something great to achieve. Interesting stuff to see. Simple reasons to laugh. It’s like, they don’t wanna miss even a second of their life. They taught me many things with their own unique ways. I’m a happy happy being.

I have this program called one picnic time a month with fams. Last month, we went to see mangrove plantation, closed it with a super nice seafood by the bay. I loooooove to see happiness on mom’s and dad’s face. Love also the fact that little bro enjoyed the good food. Well most of the time he did enjoy whatever dishes we had sih hehehehe. Surely, the program will be continued. Happpppy.

January wouldn’t complete without my day. Putri told her hairdresser to make my hair even prettier couple days before. So at 27th, I could just drive early, stop at the saloon, and do just simple stuff to look awesome. Peeps from work loved it 🙂 me too. Got tons of good wishes, birthday shoutouts, as well as pictures at that day. Happiness overloded! Mom bought me cute earrings, and I wore it, matched it with my top that day. After work, SF biffles threw me champagne and cute Longchamp lunch-purse. So blessed, I am!

Update from work? I was soooooo relieved when my boss posted “She nailed it!” to the group. He posted it together with a picture; with me on it, handing a microphone, looking enthusiastically speaks in front of potential customers about our products. I love my job. Love the company. Love the bosses. Love the peeps. Love the lessons. Love love love.

Love? Wait. I don’t wanna rush it, rush it. When the time is good, you’ll know it. I’ll know it. ❤️

So. 40 days already huh? Been great? Absolutely! For more greater days ahead! 🍷


We Start a New Life Individually

With all the humble and grief, we want to let you know that we officially ended our marriage. We are grateful for every single second of the journey that we had. We learned tons of things about life together, we never regret. At one point we realized that we grew to the different path, we knew we need to do something about it. We worked so hard to fix everything, but it went not as good as we expected.

We hope that this decision would make our life better as an individual. We also thank everyone that have joined us in the journey. A lot of friends and families were giving us huge support and love so we are now become what we are today: two better persons. We remain being friends as we want each other to be happy in the future.

Life indeed doesn’t always give us sweets. But we’re sure He will always give us strength and ease in its every bitterness. As an end to this post, let’s change some prayers: May Allah SWT bring a better tomorrow for us all.


Ika & Budhi.



<noun> the quality or state of being simple and sincere; having or showing unaffected simplicity of nature or absence of artificiality; unsophisticated; ingenuous.

Couple days ago I had a fun (at the same time scary) discussion with a good friend. We talked about how wild the world is: corruption, affair, betrayal, bribes, and everything that we know happened in our circle. We know our friend out there has this pressure to sleep with her supervisor, or else she couldn’t get the promotion. Or in another case, one company has a night-club kind of culture, which every senior manager candidates have to be able to blend in. These just made us, scare. We learned everything in ideal condition in our school, university, and of course family,.. and then we had these friends, office colleagues, and other circles that made us see that the world is not that ideal. It’s totally different. Full of bitterness.

We both realized that we are wayyyyy too naive to live in this wildness. We trusted people we love. We did rely to our partner in the office. We told secrets to our best friends. We obeyed our supervisors’ words and believed that they help us developed better, when in the end,.. turned out everything were not all end as we expected: our beloved betrayed us. Office partners stabbed us from behind. Friends spread bad rumors. Or the fact that our bosses were just using us for the sake of their needs. Again. Full of bitterness.

And then we thought that probably we can’t be too naive. Probably we won’t survive to beat all these bitterness if we think simply, that all people are good and trustworthy. My friend added “Bahkan judul album kedua Band Naif aja, ‘Jangan Terlalu Naif‘, Ka!“.

And the discussion ended, brought me into a long thinking, Is it really wrong being a naive person? Is it wrong if I see all mankind are good and trustworthy? Is it wrong if I put my best effort in every situation as if they want it really bad, and expect they will do the same for me?

Expectation. That word, huh?

Well, some might say high expectation is the answer why we feel disappointed. It might be. It might be not.

I was thinking for days, until I saw friend’s post in Facebook about Teresa’s Poem below.

Mother Teresa’s Anyway Poem

People are often unreasonable, illogical and self centered;
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;
Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and your God;
It was never between you and them anyway.


Bitterness is always there. But it shouldn’t stop us from doing good deeds. So I decided to just stay naive. Stay honest. Stay believe in good things in people. If He gave me another bitterness, let it be anyway. That bitterness will make me stronger, wiser,.. and might be closer to Him.

Things That Make Me Happy!


I believe that mood can be healed, if we want to. And for me, healing a bad mood is important, because happiness would lead me to something good. I make this list so I could look it up if I need it someday. Here is the list (the list would be updated of course hehe!) Oh, they’re not in order. Feel free to gimme some ideas to add the list!

  1. Work.
  2. Youtube: Stand Up Komedi Indonesia.
  3. Youtube: Good singers, singing acoustic covering top 40 songs.
  4. Youtube: Adam Levine played acoustic songs.
  5. Yoga Sequence with Adriene.
  6. Jog.
  7. Eat Watermelon (Apple and Orange is good too. Melon is good too. Mango, ahaha I like sweet fruits basically).
  8. Watch Movie in Netflix.
  9. Shower, with hot water.
  10. Wandering around Twitter (especially @ridwankamil)
  11. Blog posting.
  12. Whatsapp and goofing around with close friends.
  13. Sing in karaoke room.
  14. Sing in Sing! app.
  15. Eat Bakmi Yamien or Mie Ayam.
  16. Read Pidibaiq’s Blog.
  17. Read Derek Siver’s Blog.
  18. Read Medium’s Blog.
  19. Eat Lays.
  20. Have Vanilla Ice Cream.
  21. Dance.
  22. Watch Modern Family.
  23. Watch Big Bang Theory.
  24. Tune in great radio station.
  25. Put a nice clothes.
  26. Receive hugs from my significant one
  27. Hugs the tree.
  28. Eat Nasi Padang.
  29. Drink Jasmine Tea. Or Earl grey.
  30. Swimming.
  31. Loved by my significant one
  32. Try the new restaurant.
  33. Playing guitar.
  34. A nice new dress, doesn’t have to be expensive trust me.

PS: My first Module is finished already, alhamdulillah! GPA: 3.33 >.<

Update from a Master Degree Student

I touched this city 2 months and 8 days ago.

And aye Captain, I still survived! Alhamdulillah 🙂

Ika SF

I have two things to share to you guys thru this post. I’ll tell you in advance so you can decide to finish the reading or not 😀 First, I’m going to give you some tips how to continue your study abroad. Since a lot of people ask me in Twitter, Mail, and some Private Message on how could I leave Indonesia and do my master degree here in SF, I’ll share my steps. Secondly, of course life update 🙂 🙂 🙂 I haven’t touched this blog again since 2 months ago! I have already learned like ton of great things here and it is still an amazing journey, I want to share with you all. Okey dokey, let’s roll it!

“Ikaaa, how are you? in SF now? Studying? In what program? Did you get a scholarship? Is that a good school? Teach me how to do that!”

One tweet, seven questions.

And it is obviously not easy for me to reply it in one tweet.

Yes, I am now continuing my study here in San Francisco, learn and go deep into Digital Marketing. The name of the school is HULT International Business School, with the original name of the program is Master in International Marketing. They changed the name 2 years ago. Before that, the name of the program was Master Program in Digital Marketing. Well, that makes sense because all marketing effort would go digital in couple of years, so they go with more general name. And yes, that’s a quite good school. Private school, not a state one,  listed, ranked, and has good accreditations in some of business school evaluations.

I Want to Continue Study Abroad Too! Where to Start?

1. Set the north star. I started from “Where can I see myself in 10 years from now?” A really simple questions, but it’s not that simple to answer quickly 😀 Well, for me,  I really want to be a person who contribute in helping Indonesia’s local SME, through Digital Marketing. To achieve that, I need to learn and experienced in Digital Marketing. Then I’m being specific to look for a master program in Digital Marketing.

As I said to you earlier, this is not an easy step. If you can’t really see where you are in the next 10 years, just keep trying. Having a good picture of who do you wanna be in the future would help you to start, a lot.

2. Research, research, research. I made a list, 20 universities who have the best Digital Marketing program. Don’t think about the requirements or the tuition, just make a best-school list first. I look for the best schools by accreditation, ranks, and public review. It took me around 3 weeks to do this. I made a document in Microsoft Word: took important notes from each the university’s website, its city (I need to know how’s the Digital Marketing Industry on that city too), and of course  review and testimonials.

Then I shrank the list into 10. I asked several people and friends who have already did the study on those 10 schools, or the one who has been on that city, just to know what they say about those schools. For me personally, I want my school located in a good city, because I need to start a life too outside the school. In this part, I also started to think about the admission requirements, living cost, and tuition fee. You can start to match the list with your own consideration, make another list of your consideration if its needed. For instance, I know some people would rather have to live not too far from Indonesia. Or I know my friend that would choose a country with a city with a good football team. I know it can be silly, so just be it. Be silly. There will be time to consider all this things anyway. My list easily reduced into 5 schools. I made a plan to send an application to all those 5.

3. Work on the Requirements. This part usually would take time. You will need to prepare GRE/GMAT if you want to take major in business, marketing, or management. This test would show that you have a basic competencies on doing quantitative and English skill in class. You need to have an IBT TOEFL / IELTS too to prove that you will be survive at school. My tips is, get survived first. Take IBT/IELTS first, so you can start to apply to school that doesn’t require any GRE/GMAT score. Each school would requires different scores. Aim high, or highest. Just like you did in the school list. Doesn’t matter if we would get a lower score (or school), as long as we aim high, and give the best effort to achieve those. I took me around 6 – 8 months effective to get those scores :))

4. Good recommendation letters. School would ask for recommendation letters, at least from 2 people. The next list I made is, people who I can actually ask to give me one. Go for 5 people minimum. Make sure you know them personally, and make sure they are great people hahahaha. The easiest thing would be your ex-lecturer. If you want to do that way, my suggestion is choose the one who has already got a Professors degree, or at least has done their Ph.D program abroad, preferably if they’re also alumni from well known university. By well known, I mean not ITB, UI, or UGM (The admission staff probably never heard our best universities tho). Try Harvard, Columbia, Yale and their friends. I asked my clients too to write the letter, they knew my competencies and attitude so they can speak for me. Be as personal, as detail, and as original, as they can be. If they’re not used to write recommendation letter, give them some good example from Google.

Another letter to be prepared is statement of purpose. This would show how is the program and the school would contribute to your goal, if you did #1 and #2 very well, I think this is not a big problem.

5. Signed, Sealed, Delivered! Send all those 5 applications. Just send send send. Don’t be afraid of rejection. Failure will come anyway. At least we threw 5 nets, the probability to get fish is so much bigger than only fishing with 1 net.

Another note is: arrange the deadline carefully. Make sure you made a good countdown for all those 3 points earlier before the deadlines. Allocate 3 – 4 weeks before the closing dateline. You know, sending documents abroad need time. It’s not 1 – 3 days just like sending a local documents. A late document would show you as an unprepared student, so.. arranging deadline is effin important. It’s also not cool, if you’re late and have to wait another application date for the next term. Time is all we got peeps, manage it well.

5. Scholarship hunt! Some people prefer to look for the scholarship first before choosing the school program, well you can go for that too. For me personally, to get a good school that would contribute a lot to my career is really important. I found that if I go for the scholarship hunt first, the foundation/donor usually want you to choose certain programs, which in my case, those programs didn’t match with mine.

Each school usually has scholarship program too, I tried this. I sent a lot of email asking about the scholarship program at school. They usually ask you to make another essay. My tips are: be current on your essay (put recent news as background or introduction), conduct a solid argument about the theme given, number also will show that you’re a detail and result oriented person, and.. link the theme of the essay to your goal  (#1 again, I’ve told you, this one is important).

Scholarship hunt is about getting as many info as you can. Join some scholarship mailing lists, follow some twitter accounts that release updated scholarship info (I made a  list in twitter for this), subscribe some websites too, set google alerts, and put them all in a special folder in your email. I did those things, and made a schedule to read and clean the folder twice a day, in the morning and before sleep.

For me personally, Scholarship hunt is the hardest part. If you ask some people who got one, their story would be different one to another. Number of scholarship to be given is limited, only small number of people would get it. And if you are not one of them, don’t get sad, don’t be disappointed. Find another waysssss. I believe if you’ve put enough effort for point 1 to 4, God wouldn’t let you down hehehe. I know a friend of mine that got the scholarship only for the tuition, without the living cost. Another friend only got a scholarship for 1/3 of the tuition, and she worked here 3 months letter after she can adjust all her school schedule.

Every people has different story. Make yours too.

6. Don’t take “No” as a final answer. See my tweet here. I made that when I was preparing one of Marketing presentation for a client. Anyway, this is why I love to learn marketing, the knowledge is actually can be implemented in our real life. Well my point is, if you haven’t got the school or the scholarship, just keep trying. Get up, and don’t give up. Let’s make  tons of mistakes, fix those, and fail again, but fail better. God is indeed never sleep. He sees our effort 🙂

Hap hap! That’s all the tips. I hope it would help! Next time when I got similar tweet with that lot of questions, I know how to reply with only one tweet hehehehehe.

Now: life update. Just a short one because probably you guys have tired to read this long post.

ika DMC

I loveeee my life here. I am now having 3 courses at school: Digital Marketing, Understanding the Customer, and Advertising. My fav so far is Digital Marketing! (surprise). Life outside school is also fun. I join two student clubs: Digital Marketing Club and Media Entertainment. I took important (and similar) role on those 2: Social Media Roles.(another surprise!). I do explore the city too, it’s San Francisco! I enjoy to attend several meetups and Talks in… Digital Marketing. (surpriseee!) I did some livetweet too while I’m listening to the talks (thanks to @akademiberbagi I had this behavior). You can check some of the notes from the talks in my fav tweets, I’ve made it into chirpstories so it would me more convenient for you to read it.  I tried to do a livetweet also in class, but it’s getting harder everyday, because mostly I enjoy the lecture and not event want to take notes (or tweets). Think that these documentations would be fruitful for me so I can reread them again someday.

Tell me guys how are you!! I hope you guys have a blast blast November.

Time Management Things

Aku lagi belajar soal mengatur waktu. Klasik sih. Tapi entah kenapa akhir-akhir ini sering merasa kekurangan waktu, which is a symptom that I can not manage my time well. Baca artikel sana-sini, baca buku sana-sini, dan akhirnya nemu video di atas. Video seorang professor amiriki yang sudah almarhum karena kanker pankreas, yang cuma punya waktu 3 – 6 bulan pas dia ngasih kuliah itu. Well, hampir 1.5 jam sih. Anggap aja kuliah 2 sks.

I guarantee his talk above will worth your time, I hope you guys as inspired as me in enjoying his messages and sense of humor. Tanpa bermaksud membocorkan isinya, aku catat beberapa point yang doable and relevant. Untuk catatan sendiri sih maksudnya, biar nggak boros waktu lagi nonton 1.5 jam kuliah Pak Randy. These are his points that I love:

  1. Time, you cant ever get it back. Coba mulai biasain menjadikan waktu adalah komoditas. Daripada mikir, “Ambil MBA 70 juta mahal nggak ya?” mending mikir “Gue 2 tahun ambil MBA worth nggak ya?”. Karena 70 juta Rupiah, bisa didapetin lagi besok, bisa dicari lagi. Tapi 2 tahun yang udah kebuang, nggak akan pernah balik.
  2. If you’re not gonna have fun, why do it? Life is way damn short and we have to spend it with lots of joy. Nggak suka sama kerjaan sekarang? Mulai pikirin dong kerjaan apa yang disuka. Fight for your own fun. Kita semua punya pilihan kok kalo mau milih.
  3. Why am I doing it? Saat bikin point-point to do list, coba tanyain lagi, kenapa anu harus dikerjain. Penting nggak? Biasain bikin prioritas di to do list. Ini nih, si gueh masih PR euy. Randy nunjukkin kuadran Covey untuk tentuin prioritas dalam bikin to do list. Kerjain dulu yang Penting – Mendesak, lalu kerjain yang Penting – Tidak Mendesak. Yang Tidak Penting- Mendesak gak perlu dipikirin, kan nggak penting.
  4. Email management. Your inbox is not your to do list. Sort by importance. Jangan biarkan banyak email menumpuk, schedule to clear your inbox. Bikin label dan filing system. And this is one of his importance message: never delete your email. Semua korespondensi yang sifatnya tertulis itu bisa jadi bahan acuan suatu hari, bisa jadi bukti, seperti halnya hitam di atas putih.
  5. Write all the schedule daily, weekly, monthly. Pake aja teknologi yang paling nyaman buat kita, mau agenda, iCal, Google Cal, apa aja. Set reminders. Jangan biarkan otak kita disuruh nginget2 banyak hal, apalagi hal yang bisa diingetin sama teknologi.
  6. Tips menghindari Telemarketer. Hang up while you talk. Hehehe, ini harus nonton sendiri sih. @00:33:30 ya.
  7. People are more important than things. Sisihin untuk bilang terimakasih, sama siapapun yang udah berkontribusi di hidup kita. Di Amiriki sih biasa pake “thank you notes” ya. Mungkin kalo di kita bilang makasih pake Watsap, SMS, atau telepon. Selalu sisihkan waktu untuk menghargai, membantu, dan meng-empower orang lain, selama itu nggak mengganggu jadwalmu ya.
  8. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Plan Each Day, Each Week, Each Semester. You can always change your plan, but only once you have one! Menurutku, ini mirip sama slogan Apple “Think Different” atau “Against the rules”, sebelum tampil beda, kita harus pelajari dulu apa yang common. Sebelum ngelanggar aturan, kita harus tau dulu aturannya.
  9. Matiin notifikasi aplikasi. Setiap butuh konsentrasi untuk ngerjain sesuatu, matiin semua notifikasi: email baru, tweetdeck, IM, next song on iTunes, download list (bztt, ini curcol). Well, untuk yang kerja di social media macam aku, monitoring timeline itu penting sih, tapi nggak terus-terusan melototin juga. Biasanya ada perjanjian di atas kertas kok, misal minimum respon 2 jam sekali. Then, tiap 2 jam, bisa kasi reminder untuk cek apa yang harus dicek. Misalnya butuh waktu 15 menit, beres, tutup lagi. Balik lagi ke apa yang harus dikerjain selanjutnya.
  10. Making a time budget. Kalo mau nonton di @00:50:00 ya. Mirip sama kita bikin financial budget gitu. Kalo kita nyatet terus pengeluaran, niscaya kita bisa tau ke pos mana uang kita habis. Sama seperti kita kalo nyatet, kita ngapain aja berapa lama. Kita jadi tau konsumsi waktu kita habis di aktivitas yang mana.
  11. Doing time in the last minute, is very expensive. Bayangin kalo kita nge-post pake Fed-ex atau DHL, pasti lebih mahal daripada pake Servis Pos Biasa. Sama kaya kalo klien butuh cepet, pasti mereka mau bayar mahal untuk itu. Tips-nya biar nggak jadi orang yang suka nunda-nunda kerjaan? coba bikin fake deadline dan yakinkan diri kalo itu adalah deadline beneran. Kalo ada apa-apa masih ada waktu benerin, kalo emang udah bener bisa istirahat/main-main sama pacar.
  12. Sometimes you just have to ask to get something. Aku baru baca ini di buku Gladwell, tapi si Randy menjelaskan dengan sangat seru di @00:57:50
  13. When it comes to delegation: send them the whole package. Saat mendelegasi pekerjaan sama orang, percaya sepenuhnya. Berikan otoritas penuh dan tanggungjawab: cara, strategi, budget, timeline dll. Ini PR sih buat aku, terus terang kalo delegasi sama orang, aku masih suka ngajarin mekanismenya, bikin email panjaaaaang jelasin 1, 2, 3, 4, yang harus dilakuin. Give them objective, not procedure. Well, percaya aja tiap orang punya caranya sendiri dalam mengerjakan sesuatu. One more thing: Sebagai pemimpin atau pendelegasi, pastikan kita mau untuk “do the dirtiest job”, tangan kita harus mau kotor. Bahasaku, harus mau ngepel. Hal ini yang bikin delegasi kita percaya. Randy menjelaskan point ini dengan oke di menit @00:59:15.
  14. Meeting management. Nah, banyak nih catetannya. Pertama, kalo bikin undangan rapat, masukin agendanya ngomongin apa aja. Makesure semua orang sudah siap rapat. Sudah nyiapin bahan. Rapat jadi lebih efektif karena agendanya memutuskan sesuatu. Bukan membahas sesuatu yang ngalor ngidul, atau bahas yang udah dibahas kemaren. Kedua, selalu bikin MOM. Minute of Meeting. Tulis semua keputusan, siapa yang bertanggung jawab, dan kapan deadline-nya.
  15. Vacation mode. Apparently semua orang harus punya vacation mode. Tinggalin pesan di email autoresponder “Hai saya lagi di luar kota, sila kontak si Anu selama nggak ada” atau “Sila kontak saya lagi pada xx September, setelah saya balik liburan”. It’s not a vacation if you read email. (burnnn, me.)
  16. Kill your television. Orang amerika rata-rata 28 jam/minggu nonton tv :))) hampir 3/4 fulltime job. Apa aja sih kata aku, yang jadi penyebab kita nggak effective. Televisi bisa di-replace sesuai kriptonayt kita.
  17. Eat and sleep and exercise. Above all else! Kalo kita bisa nyisihin waktu makan, tidur dan olahraga dengan baik, artinya kita menjaga kesehatan untuk tetap produktif. (again burrrrn, me.) Ohya, satu lagi aku baca di sini, aku suka banget tipsnya “be more Zen”. Ternyata orang-orang di Google itu tiap hari ada sesi meditasi. Bentuknya menurutku bisa macem-macem sih, sholat, yoga, atau cakra balancing, apapun itu, tapi diam sejenak. Find stillness. Fokus sama nafas, listen to our body and say thank to God and the Universe.

Yak, itu dia 17 point dari 1.5 jam kelasnya Randy Pausch, alm yang berpulang tanggal 25 Juli 2008. Tepat lima tahun kemudian aku baru nemu link-nya di twitter via tweetnya @edwardsuhadi. Thanks mas!

I hope you guys have a fun and joyful life. Mine here is great. I’m now waiting for my US visa to be approved. If everything goes as planned, I’m going to leave for my Master Degree in San Francisco. My husband is now working on his thesis and plan to finish it by next month. Amin amin!

Semoga semua lancar, sehat, sejahtera, dan mari terus sambung doa.

Terus produktif, terus bahagia.

Ohya, lancar-lancar ya Ramadhan-nya!