A Journey Back Home – Catatan Ramadhan 2017

Hei! *bersih-bersih debu* 

Ehm ehhhm.   *checking the mic* 

So, I’m gonna try to start moving my long post on Path or other socmed here. So this should be a quick blogpost — pardon all the mixed language as I wanna type super fast before the idea vanished from ma head πŸ’†πŸΌ

The objective is pretty simple: just as a note to my future self that I’ve once had the thought. If you, accidentally be here and now reading this, may this will be a beneficial post for you. 

Ramadhan tahun 2017 ini sudah berjalan 8 hari. Satu hal yang saya bisa syukuri, 3 Ramadhan terakhir saya mencoba lebih ngulik dan mempelajari tentang Islam dan spesialnya Ramadhan. Setiap tahun berjalan, setiap tahun juga saya terus belajar hal baru. Seperti malam ini: saya belajar bahwa hidup di dunia bisa diumpamakan seperti perjalanan pulang ke rumah.  I will try my best to share  what I’ve learned. 

Adam. Tau donggg siapa.  Our great great father was once created in heaven. This concept implies that heaven is a place where human belongs. A home. Andddd, you know the story continues.. that iblis came and Adam fooled by him, so Adam fell to Dunya. 

Side story about heaven creature, jadi karena kita adalah makhluk surgawi, maka ruh kita juga kebiasaan jadi penghuni surga. Kebayang ya penghuni surga kaya apa: baik, tidak sombong, cantik, cakep, gak pernah sedih, and all the perfect things we could’ve imagined. 

Which is so logical why Allah azza wa jalla said that He got us every good things we need when we were born. Makanya bayi baru lahir masih dibilang suci banget, he/she still got everything: baik, ceria, murah senyum, pembelajar, tidak pendendam, lovable. Semua ciri anak kecil sebelum akhirnya terpengaruh lingkungan dan orang tua, imo, mirip sekali dengan ciri penghuni surga. He/she just left home. Bayangin aja kalo kita keluar rumah masih wangi dan makeup masih rapih πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ’™ and this also explains why we crave for stable positive state in life. Misal, cita-cita hidup: bahagia, punya istri cantik, pinter masak, body kece dan sehat, banyak uang, anak sholeh :)) those all above are heaven-things. Namanya juga makhluk surga, wajar kalo jadi nggak move on dengan hal surgawi. But this where the problem starts, we’re now living in dunya. Bukan di surga lagi mamennnn. Wakeup! 

Here in dunya, we start a journey. It’s like a trip. Ada pilihan untuk kembali balik ke rumah lagi, bisa nyasar nggak balik2, bisa menemukan rumah baru. The end is  yours to choose. But of course ideally, after all the long journey, we should go back home. 

Entah di video Nouman Ali Khan yang mana, I remember he explained about houses in Jannah. Jadi, tiap orang di surga udah punya kapling. Some can make it going back home, some can not. Some chose to live back home, some did not. Kaya lagi pergi liburan aja. Idealnya habis pergi liburan kan pulang lagi ke rumah. Kembali ke rutinitas. 

Kalo mau pergi liburan juga tujuan dan temen tripnya bisa milih (maybe in some cases we can’t really choose ya). But hey, you will always have a choice if you wanna make it a good journey or not. Misal nih ya, worst case-nya adalah kita gabisa milih tujuan trip dan travel companion-nya. Contoh, trip ke Bekasi sama bos yang galak πŸš—πŸš•πŸš™πŸšŒπŸ’¨πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ’»πŸ€΅πŸΌπŸ‘» tenangggggg, bernafasssss, kita selalu punya pilihan untuk mengusahakan itu jadi perjalanan yang menyenangkan kok. Bisa misalnya pasang standup comedy selama dalam kemacetan, nonton dan ketawa bareng, breaking the ice with your mad boss 😜 

So the idea is, how to make a good journey. It’s just a trip. It’s temporary. We will go back home eventually. 

You know when you travel abroad and you find sambal belibis or Teh Kotak and you’re really excited about it cause you’re missing it so much and it suddenly feels like homeee? Allah azza wa jalla mentioned it also in quran, He explains that heaven has trees, rivers, milk and honey. Things we appreciate here in Dunya. We’re tasting a glimpse of it and deep inside we’re missing it from our original home. ihdinas siratal mustaqim, may He guides us to the straight path. To the light, that ignites our bones and will guide you home — eh kok jadi lagu coldplay πŸ˜‰
Btw, in this Ramadhan I just watched a very good reminder from Nouman’s lecture. Bahwasannya untuk kembali naik ke atas, pulang ke rumah, kita butuh tali untuk naik. And the rope is being sent in this month — quran. 

That’s the map. That’s the rope. That’s the guideline we can learn from, on how to enjoy the journey, and go back home. This is the month not only to celebrate the time when He sent us the ropes, but also the month when He will listen our hopes (hey it rhymes!). Gimana2?

Giniiii. Jadi di bulan Ramadhan sebenernya intinya adalah merayakan quran-nya (bukan cuma puasa dan THR-nya). Ceritanya kan semua kata-kata Allah dibukukan dalam Quran tuh. Satu arah kan? Nahhhh it becomes a conversation when He talk to us (thru Quran), and we send our hopes (thru Dhu’a).  This is the best time to talk to Him. Send your hopes. Whatever far you’ve traveled awayyyyyyyy from Him, believe that He is indeed close and actually listen πŸ’™ 

May we all have a wonderful journey ya bokkkk, and always make it back to our home sweet home 🏑 

Have a joyful joyful Ramadhan! 

Future Light Exhibition in ArtScience Museum, Singapore 2017.