A great year within


This is the time, when almost everyone are making the reflection. Page 365 of 365. December 31st just couple hours before a new calendar will be hanged.

Just like everyone, I’m taking a bit of me time. At the corner of a good cafe gallery. Near my Yoga class will be held in 55 mins. I leave a bit early from my fancy office. Have a bite of choco-lava cake. And remember all the sweets that I had within a year. Here are couple things I should grateful of this year.


Great playground to learn.

I spend more than 8 hours a day on the most popular office building in the city. Challenge myself to give ma best performance to an IT company. This industry isn’t slow at all. There are always new things to absorb — sometimes in super fast period of time. So lucky I work with great teams. Most of them have a-can-do-atittude, as well as willingness to learn and to collaborate. Can’t imagine to run these kind of business without those mindsets. As a newb in an office life, I can say Imma lucky bastard.

Work has helped me a lot in learning a rhythm. To put things that I need in the future at  a good sequence. To get prepared for any unpredictable things that could’ve happened. To manage the unmanaged. They’re not easy. Couple of times I smiled when leaving a meeting room, couple of times I cried too. But, you know, it’s a playground. It’s suppose to makes you happy while playing. sometime’s you fell from a swing, or getting hit by a bad friend, but you still come to the same playground the next day. You try another vehicle. You make friends with a new comer. See if you can still find the fun you wanna get on there.

Great friends along the way.

Not saying that I have a perfect non-office life. I lose friends, get (even better) ones too. They come and go within a year, teaching life lessons. One of good lesson is: don’t get too attached. We never have any of these things at the first place anyway, so always knew that there will be a time to lose them. We just don’t know how and when. Experience the joy as well as hurts they may put. Life won’t be balanced without those.

Great family and home. 

Redefining the word “family” and “home” are not as simple as packed your things into cases and move to a new place (The second one is not easy too, btw). This year, I can say that this is the most difficult challenge that I need to face. This is how I survived:  I ask this question everytime: “Think, Ika: what would you do differently to make this better?”, then I’ll do it, and repeat. “Better things” that I could think of at that time, might not “better enough” — you know, I’m not that smart. But I knew that I took a tiny step towards a light.

After all, every definition in life will eventually change anyway. Not only the definition of Home and Family.

I called Bandung a home in 2013, San Francisco at 2014, and now Jakarta for 2015. Changes will grow you. That’s what I believe.


So, do I survive?

2015 is not an easy year at all. Hustles. Tears. Fear. Scars. All were there. But there were also joy, contentment, and compassion stopped by. A month before new year, and I start thinking already about excited things thay I wanna get next year. Take deep breaths, close eyes, and picture sweet moments that will come.

Will do more travel. Will pray harder. sleep better. Exercise more often. Eat nice fruits. Put bigger smile. And most of all, live happier.

Happy new year, readers! I do hope you had a great year as mine. See you on 2016!


Ps: Pics are from our last 3200KM road trip, ended in Bali. We celebrated 30th annivs of Mom and Dad. Saw nice places. And got bonded for sure.


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