A weekend

is a time I use to reflect what I’ve done and gotten 5 days before, and plan another excitement 5 days after. 

Is a time when I can spend sometime with mom, lil bro, and dad. 

Is a time when I can sleep and wake up a lil bit late.


Anyway, I enjoyed my weekend! 

On Saturday, I had enough sleeps, breakfast with mom, coffee with baes, drove parents to a party and ate good stuffs there. 

On Sunday I watched Tom Cruise in MI5, saloon time with mom (and now having a super good smell on my hair), had a good sandwich while preparing work for Monday and enjoyed Tohpati songs on my way home. 

Oh I got succha good one. Alhamdulillah. Nggak cuma weekend-nya. Weekday-nya pun banyak hal penuh lessons, fun reminders and excitement. And between those lessons, here’s my fav:

“If you wanna get something you’ve never got before, do things you’ve never done before”

Kalo lagi hitung-hitung berkah gini, berasa deh kalo Allah sayang banget sama diriku. 🙏🏻


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