It’s 2015, Baby!

I know this maybe too late for a “welcome 2015” kind of post. Let’s see, 40 days passed by already. And I enjoy every single second of it! Here are my stories within those days:

I bought myself a new car at December 31st, so I could wander around the city at the first day of the year. As cheesy as it may sound, I wanna start the year with one awesomeness, hence the car. I remember I drove it the next day I work. At lunch time, like 8 people together from work went to have super spicy Ayam Taliwang — we went there by the car. Happy.

New Year’s eve also went great. Spent it with peeps from undergrad. A lotttt of stories and laughters, and shrimps, and fishes, chickens, all good stuffs. So happy I had these peeps. Later after that night, we had couple of lunch time together near office, Coffee on the weekends, invitation for Stand-up comedian show, anddd the list goes on and on. Super glad.

Met again with biffles from SF-chapter was one of my happiness sources within these 40 days of 2015. Always a good time to meet them. They’re happy dreamers. Always have something great to achieve. Interesting stuff to see. Simple reasons to laugh. It’s like, they don’t wanna miss even a second of their life. They taught me many things with their own unique ways. I’m a happy happy being.

I have this program called one picnic time a month with fams. Last month, we went to see mangrove plantation, closed it with a super nice seafood by the bay. I loooooove to see happiness on mom’s and dad’s face. Love also the fact that little bro enjoyed the good food. Well most of the time he did enjoy whatever dishes we had sih hehehehe. Surely, the program will be continued. Happpppy.

January wouldn’t complete without my day. Putri told her hairdresser to make my hair even prettier couple days before. So at 27th, I could just drive early, stop at the saloon, and do just simple stuff to look awesome. Peeps from work loved it 🙂 me too. Got tons of good wishes, birthday shoutouts, as well as pictures at that day. Happiness overloded! Mom bought me cute earrings, and I wore it, matched it with my top that day. After work, SF biffles threw me champagne and cute Longchamp lunch-purse. So blessed, I am!

Update from work? I was soooooo relieved when my boss posted “She nailed it!” to the group. He posted it together with a picture; with me on it, handing a microphone, looking enthusiastically speaks in front of potential customers about our products. I love my job. Love the company. Love the bosses. Love the peeps. Love the lessons. Love love love.

Love? Wait. I don’t wanna rush it, rush it. When the time is good, you’ll know it. I’ll know it. ❤️

So. 40 days already huh? Been great? Absolutely! For more greater days ahead! 🍷


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