We Start a New Life Individually

With all the humble and grief, we want to let you know that we officially ended our marriage. We are grateful for every single second of the journey that we had. We learned tons of things about life together, we never regret. At one point we realized that we grew to the different path, we knew we need to do something about it. We worked so hard to fix everything, but it went not as good as we expected.

We hope that this decision would make our life better as an individual. We also thank everyone that have joined us in the journey. A lot of friends and families were giving us huge support and love so we are now become what we are today: two better persons. We remain being friends as we want each other to be happy in the future.

Life indeed doesn’t always give us sweets. But we’re sure He will always give us strength and ease in its every bitterness. As an end to this post, let’s change some prayers: May Allah SWT bring a better tomorrow for us all.


Ika & Budhi.

2 Comments on “We Start a New Life Individually”

  1. Ina says:

    What happen with u both???contact me if u don’t mind…..

  2. Ina says:

    By the way……we always support u my little sister….the future still long Young lady…Allah never tried us more than we can hold it…always luv u…

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