A True Leader

First, I wanna let you know that I’m not writing this post in a good time. I will have an exam tomorrow morning with tons of things to read, I’m still in 60% prepared. But that video, that video really bugged me. It makes me learn a lot of things. It reminds me everything about simple formulas to be a true leader, yet super-touching. I decided to take max 1 hour to write this post. The future-me might need to reread this someday.

The video is a recording version of one of famous talkshow episodes in Indonesia, Mata Najwa. It’s like Indonesia’s Oprah, but in a politic field. The interviewee is one candidate of the world best mayors, Tri Risma. She’s being interviewed because there was a rumor about her plan to resign from the current position. A lot of local articles said that some people might be bothered with her recent policies and she can not stand anymore with the political pressure. Najwa, the presenter, asked her a lot of specific questions regarding the issues. Many times, Risma just gave “I’m sorry Najwa, I can not give you the answer”. The video tells us a lot about Risma’s character, character of a leader, a learner, a spiritualist, a mother, and a truly sincere human that want to give a total contribution to her city. The video is in Indonesian Language. If some of you don’t understand, well.. thats why I write this post, I’ll jot down some of values and points that I love from the video.

  1. She’s into details. Leaders isn’t just paying attention to the big view of the problems. She checked the planning documents of every building in her town. Every building. There was a recording played on the video, showed how she was being so mad to the workers in the building, she screamed like crazy, “Who’s here can give me an explanation about the change? It shouldn’t be build like this! I want you to demolish all this things now, or else, I take back the permission!” I was like… super amazed. She’s super blunt.
  2. A good listener. She actually went into elementary schools, talked to prostitutes, even discussed with demonstrators. She got a lot of findings by listen to people in a low level. My fav part is in ’24:00, when she found a fact that a 63 years old prostitutes has many customers of elementary and junior high students. The industry is destroying our young generation. After found out that fact, she decided to do something with the prostitutes industry in Surabaya. I was crying when she said “I will do something about it. I told my family, if one day I die because something happened with me in the middle of my effort to fix this problem, I want you to let me go. Don’t sue anyone.” A cruel political scheme might cause somebody’s death. Everybody knows that. Somebody might not like you and makes you leave this world eternally.
  3. She believes that God will always give her guides. “I don’t have a specific plan everyday. I listen to God where He would led me to everyday, each time. Everyday I said to the driver, let’s go to the west/east/south of the city, and in so many case I found something to be fixed.” In many cases she couldn’t find the answer of the problems, and she decided to just “listen to God”, and suddenly the solution just came. Several times on the video she said, “I’m just doing what God tells me to do. I’m a servant, following his guides”. I need need need to learn more to listen to God :’)

Another leader I fond of. I tracked down her background, she went to Netherlands, Germany, and South Korea to learn. FYI, one of my findings shows that many good leaders in my country went abroad to learn, went back to Indonesia, being a decision maker, and make good changes to as many people as they can. I think I’m in a good track 🙂

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