Things That Make Me Happy!


I believe that mood can be healed, if we want to. And for me, healing a bad mood is important, because happiness would lead me to something good. I make this list so I could look it up if I need it someday. Here is the list (the list would be updated of course hehe!) Oh, they’re not in order. Feel free to gimme some ideas to add the list!

  1. Work.
  2. Youtube: Stand Up Komedi Indonesia.
  3. Youtube: Good singers, singing acoustic covering top 40 songs.
  4. Youtube: Adam Levine played acoustic songs.
  5. Yoga Sequence with Adriene.
  6. Jog.
  7. Eat Watermelon (Apple and Orange is good too. Melon is good too. Mango, ahaha I like sweet fruits basically).
  8. Watch Movie in Netflix.
  9. Shower, with hot water.
  10. Wandering around Twitter (especially @ridwankamil)
  11. Blog posting.
  12. Whatsapp and goofing around with close friends.
  13. Sing in karaoke room.
  14. Sing in Sing! app.
  15. Eat Bakmi Yamien or Mie Ayam.
  16. Read Pidibaiq’s Blog.
  17. Read Derek Siver’s Blog.
  18. Read Medium’s Blog.
  19. Eat Lays.
  20. Have Vanilla Ice Cream.
  21. Dance.
  22. Watch Modern Family.
  23. Watch Big Bang Theory.
  24. Tune in great radio station.
  25. Put a nice clothes.
  26. Receive hugs from my significant one
  27. Hugs the tree.
  28. Eat Nasi Padang.
  29. Drink Jasmine Tea. Or Earl grey.
  30. Swimming.
  31. Loved by my significant one
  32. Try the new restaurant.
  33. Playing guitar.
  34. A nice new dress, doesn’t have to be expensive trust me.

PS: My first Module is finished already, alhamdulillah! GPA: 3.33 >.<

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