First SF Email Marketing Meetup!

Third post from San Francisco!

So for my friends and readers that ask me to share some knowledges that I have got here, here is another post about one meetup that I had last month. I found the group while wandering around a Meetup website, and decided to be a member. I’m interested to learn more about Email Marketing and tadaaaa they announced the first meet-up!

The meet-up took place in a small bar near SOMA area. Ros, the founder, warmly greeted everyone that have just arrived, including me.  She’s originally from Philippines and has families live in Sydney, so when I told her that I’m Indonesian she was excited. We have similar taste of food, and she ask me where to find Indonesian Food in SF. I remember she was craving for Rendang 😀

When it came to the main session, Ros started by thanking everyone that came that night.  She talked about success, that success is measurable, and Email marketing is! That success is being different from other competitor — then she encouraged everyone to be creative while doing their email marketing campaign. She gave some examples too on how some of her clients did that (which was the part I like the most). Companies now are not only giving something that subscribers want, but also put them in a decent experience so customers would enjoy while reading it.  Lastly, just like a journey to be successful, we need to try more than one way to get what we want. Always always always  test your strategy — you can change the CTA (Call to Action) or  the subject for instance.

It was a concise yet inspire meet-up. I couldn’t do so much livetweet, I enjoyed the venue and content so much. Ros and I made a further contact through email. We plan to meet again within this month, probably while try Indonesian foods, I’m not sure 😀 Oh friends, for you that want to learn more about email marketing campaign, I find two best practice articles here and here. I also attached an email marketing case study below 🙂

Quick life update:

December 2013

I’m going to go to Las Vegas for a winter break! Three days, short trip, hope gonna be fun! Temperature here is going down, but California has never snow (I thank God for that). Been busy with the final and presentationsss and gonna move to slightly-cheaper-but-better apartment too this month. I feel blessed, more and more everyday. Alhamdulillah for all the ease, pain, and of course opportunities!

Where do you guys plan to go for the new years?

4 Comments on “First SF Email Marketing Meetup!”

  1. rcxrcstr says:

    Yeay !! Life like a rollercoaster yak

  2. ikazain says:

    totally! :*

  3. ronnie says:

    Wow looks great nice information structure

  4. wolffdustin says:

    Very informative, thanks.

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