Display Advertising 101 @marketergraham

20 Mission Co-working Space SF

This was my third event in San Francisco. I can still remember the good vibrant of the crowd as well as the awesome speaker — @marketergraham. The event was held in 20 Mission street,  a nice co-working space for local freelancers or entrepreneurs.  Around 20 people that came from different backgrounds were there. In about two hours and a half we were chillin’ in a nice learning environment, discussions, and of course networking session.

As usual, I did a live-tweet during the event. You could check the my tweets through this chirpstory page. Thru this post, I will put further notes related to the topic enriched with links from other sources. Hopefully, by the end of this post you’ve got the big idea on what is Display Advertising. Here we go!

Display Ad Example

Display advertising is a new modern way of Banner Advertising. Just like Banner ad, our ad would be placed around the sites — see blue box above for example in Huffingtonpost web. We, advertisers, can play with the ad: put an animation, video, even interactive games before the user go to our site. Display Ad offered enhanced targeting as well as lower cost price. The best time to use Display Advertising is when a brand want to improve its awareness. Marketer Sherpa said, so far Display Advertising didn’t yield a good click-through as Google AdWords (when our ads seen as customers type associated keywords in Google). It is good for branding exercise, but didn’t work out very well in generating leads. That would make sense why @marketergraham emphasized to create a campaign that would result in Direct Response, rather than doing only ‘awareness campaign’. Clients and bosses nowadays would prefer Direct Response for sure. So if we can plan the Display Advertising nicely, we could always have a direct result for our campaign.

At that time, @marketergraham also mentioned about Remarketing, a good tool to reengage potential customer that leave your site for one reason to another. So for instance you have Laura as a visitor, opened your new arrival t-shirt page, and she leaved without buying one.  Using remarketing, you could show ads about your t-shirt collection to Laura when she’s searching for cool t-shirt on search engine. There is the next level, dynamic remarketing: Laura would see a dynamically created ads that display your t-shirt collection while she visit other sites on the web.  Well, because Google is now still leading in online advertising industry, of course they have their own platform called Google Display Remarketing.  The best time to use Remarketing is when you have already had big number of traffic on your website, and you sell product or service there. Remarketing would bring you a better CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and conversion rate. See the Google Display Remarketing best practices here if you wanna learn more about it.

I hope I didn’t put too much information up there hahaha. Feel dizzy already? Hang on a little bit more, this is so important: measuring your Display Ad campaign. Brand and clients would talk a lot about conversions, how much they can get after they spent certain amount of money. Measuring campaign would answer that question, also help us to adjust the campaign for the future. Many things you can measure from your Display Ad campaign, number of traffic is only one of them. I like how Sean put it into different phases of campaign here. Knowing only number of traffic won’t be enough if we’re in the phase of generating leads! At that time, @marketergraham talked about Click vs View based contribution.  Most advertisers said that view-based conversions isn’t conversions. Well again, it depends on your campaign plan hehe. Summarize your campaign with good numbers that answer your boss/clients question at the first place. Cool things like: “Salesforce reported an 80% lift in branded search volume and conversions when running a Display campaign parallel to a SEO campaign” would close your deal in a happy ending, I bet!

So, that was a little about Display Advertising. Go learn deeper from other sources if you interested. I’ll keep you updated with other things I learned here soon!


Quick life update:

Moments SF

I celebrated every moment here, both good one and bad one. So far, I’ve celebrated first time pumping gas in US, first time driving in the right lane (and sitting in a left drive seat!), first time being rejected in a job application process in US, first time buying lipstick in US, first time road-tripping to Yosemite National Park, first visa credit card in US, and other tons of first-time experiences.

My fav moments: while having a time with my love ones. Happy December peeps!

Btw, have you already think about the next year’s resolutions? 😀

2 Comments on “Display Advertising 101 @marketergraham”

  1. andika says:

    Great cover up stories it gives me a lot of new knowledge, very detail and comprehensive as if i was there while reading it 🙂 cant wait for your next post ikaa 🙂

  2. ikazain says:

    Thankies Andika!

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