Having Students

Started from January 2013 I teach an elective class in SBM ITB: Social Media Management. Pak Budi, one of the lecturer asked me to help him in composing the curriculum. It was on mid year of 2012, and we opened the class in December 2012. Twenty students was registered, and 5 of them dropped the course because tons of assignment we gave :))

But the good thing is, we have some really enthusiast students.

The objective of the course is to give our students a knowledge and skill about Digital Marketing, specifically in Social Media. They learn how to identify whether a brand should do a digital campaign or not. They learn how to monitor specific behavior of people in Social Media, learn to compose strategy, to monitor trends, to measure campaign, and most importantly to have fun in this Digital-Marketing things. We discussed about Harlem Shakes, KOWAWA, and lately, the Mr. President’s new twitter account, and some fun things that currently being trends at that time. We had a really fun class.

The funniest thing in having-students is: I learn a lot of from them. Their questions, ideas, and behavior somehow shape me to be a better person. for instance, there is my student from Netherlands, his sudden question reminded me how we should challenge ourself to be able seeing things from different angle. It was in a section of discussion, when I told the class to make a strategy to do the campaign with the theme “Empowering Disable Entrepreneurs”. In the middle of a discussion, this student threw a question “Why do we have to differentiate disable entrepreneur with the normal one?”. Such a different way of thinking: while other students saw this campaign as a program to help the disable person’s career, he chose to see this program to spread the message, that a disable person could have a normal-career, they could even choose to be an entrepreneur, like a normal one.

Entering the end of the semester, students are now preparing presentation about their campaign, show us the result and evaluation on how they did the campaign. This presentation below is one of their work. Tell me what do you think.

One Comment on “Having Students”

  1. ray rizaldy says:

    Hahaha, gw selalu suka kalau bahasannya transportasi. Dan meme2 angkotnya lucu2. Jangan berhenti di tugas dong.
    Diterusin supaya orang2 ga beli mobil terus, ya.. ya.. mahasiswanya ika, ya.. 🙂

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