Competing Yourself

I was chatting with Ade couple days ago, he told me about his preparation doing his next marathon in Bali.

“When you do the marathon, the key is, you don’t need to envy others if they can pass you while you conquer the road. People have their own target. They make improvements by practices; e.g i am now able to run 10 Km in 54 minutes, next i’ll run 10 Km in 45 minutes. So, just focus with your own target. Do not be bothered by others.”

Aha! That’s exactly what we have to do in our life too. Life is a marathon, isn’t it?

Everyone has their own pace. Let’s just keep the endurance to achieve our own successes 🙂

2 Comments on “Competing Yourself”

  1. ray rizaldy says:

    Super sekali 🙂

  2. […] Competing Yourself → […]

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