We Already Have Everything

I read an article somewhere sometime, said that we already have everything, when we were a kid.

We had eagerness — It is still clear in my mind when my mom repeated story about how i tried hard to pronounce the word “R” before i started my Elementary School. We had curiosity — i believe we all asked multitudinous questions to everyone we met when we were young. We forgave people’s mistakes easily, saw everybody as nice persons, dared to face risks, creatively found ways to fulfill what we want (Hahaha, i remembered how my lil’ brothers took a broom to reach our tv’s channel button, tried to change the channel into his favorite one. And of course, made my mom yelled). You can name all the good characters in the world, we already have them when we were a kid.

We just have to remember.


I said those words at the sharing session to the young entrepreneurs in Bandung this afternoon. And at the same time to myself.

It’s been 25 years!

One Comment on “We Already Have Everything”

  1. chandra says:

    Aku ada disana Ka hehe… Tapi datang telat jadi ga denger bagian itu :(. Paling inspiratip menurut aku tentang teknik orang ketiga. Ga sabar praktek 😀

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