Sweet 2011

Three words that would perfectly describe my 2011 are: Fun… and Fun, and.. Fun.

Life’s indeed a learning process, a fun playground to play at. Sweet and good things happened in my days in 2011. I say, God has been very very nice to me. He gave me candy, leads to another sweet candies.

My passion in marketing and public relation are much fulfilled because i played at Sangkuriang. They are damn smart and awesome! I learn a lot of things. Sangkuriang reminds me that we actually can do ANYTHING we want, IF we try hard to achieve it. I’ve seen it with my bare eyes, these guy can built a software from a scratch. Even they’ve never built one (or never even heard before), they simply just learned, then proved (again and again)  that they can accomplish the software. Satisfyingly.

And yes, they really can built those in one night just like that legend.

Budh and I were getting married, also this year. It was on February 27th, precisely only a month away from my 24th birthday. What we learned from the married? A great relationship, in work or love, is all about adaptability as you both change and grow together. Because a great relationship is not something you find, it’s something you (both) make 🙂

We’ve got sooooo many blessings and prayers, written on our pre-wed photo cards. Thanks for all friends and families. And thank you Ditto, for a very sweet video. 🙂

This year i also find a new friends-become-families (Budh and i believe that Friends are families we can choose, so yeah technically we called them friemilies. Hehe)

Friemilies from Akademi Berbagi were coloring my 2011. It’s a social media movement that decided to spread the activity to all cities in Indonesia. Budh and I agreed to run Akademi Berbagi in Bandung. And turned out, these classes we held run awesomely, and at  the same time gave us energy to run another again and again. I knew so many great people through the classes, both the teachers and the participants. What i learned here: through sharing, we feel happy. It reminds me to give more and more, in order to feel the happiness more and more.

Another friemilies i’ve got this year:

Friends are God’s way of taking care of us. These guys taught me everything i should learn. Amel really knows how to care people, Adhi is very good in helping others by simplified things, and Dewa (and Rani, the preggy-sweet-lady in the left, his wife) that can mingle with almost everybody in this world.

These Friemilies i also got in 2011. They are all super creative people. I learned a lot, mostly about the knowledge to manage creativity and using technology to boost your life. Lazy is their habit. They are people behind and part of Maicih, Invictus, @infobandung, Marketbiz Media, National Bootcamp, Ngaritwit, GigsPlay, Stand Up Comedy, and many other good things happen in Bandung City.

I always know that God has a very big plan to me. And all the sweet candies i’ve got in 2011 above are just provisions He gave.

See you, 2012! I’ll start you with a very sweet voyage 🙂

Have a blast year, my friends.

Hope your 2011 was sweeter than mine and even sweeter in 2012!

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