A Blanket-talk

In 24 hours of my day, my favorite time is the one that Budh and I spend before we sleep. I called it the Blanket-talk (we have a super duper comfy yellow blanket that just, rrrrealy comforting). Mostly we talked about the day. Easy peasy questions like, how was your day, what’s so great, what’s bad etc. Those talk could lead us into new friends gossip, laughs, or a deep thinking. This is a story Budh told me in one of our Blanket-talk.

One day, an old man is sitting nicely in a waiting room of hospital. He holds his bandaged hand while his eyes keep checking the time again and again. Anxious.

He gets up and asks the nurse: “Halo, can you estimate how long will i wait for my turn?”.

The nurse peeks through, check the list, and back to the old man “I guess your turn would come,.. maybe in an hour, Sir.”

The old man is sighing. Nurse see the face, and then ask the old man again, “Are you in a hurry, Sir?”

“Yes, yes i am. I have an important appointment on 1 o’clock. Could you help me? Because, to what i know, today’s appointment is just about unbandaged and checking my wound. I already feel good. And maybe having you is enough to do those things.”

The nurse nodded, “Let me ask the doctor first, maybe he has another thing for your wound” The Nurse smile and left the old man.

Several minutes later, she shows up with tool boxes. The old man smiles.

“The doctor said it is okay for me to help you. Let me have your arm.” the nurse said.

The old man obey her but his eyes couldn’t bear looking into his watch.

“So, what’s so important in 1 o’clock, Sir.” The nurse asks, politely.

The old man smiles, “I have to see my wife, we’ll have lunch together.”

“How sweet. Where will you have the lunch?”

“At the Nursing Home near here.”

“Your wife lives in Nursing Home? Why?” The Nurse looked a little shocked.

“My wife has senile dementia. She couldn’t remember almost everything. So my sons and i decided to put her there.” The old man explains calmly.

“But she still remembers you?”

“Neah, she can’t remember me. Hehehe.” He giggles.

“Oh.. i’m sorry. So how often you have a lunch with her, Sir?”

“Every day. Every day at one o clock, we have lunch together. In these last five years, she recognized me as a new people every day we met, and i have to introduce myself again every day.”

“I salute you. How can you have that persistence, She couldn’t even remember you anymore.. “

“She may not remember me. But i still.” He takes a long breath, “And i still love her. She’s still my wife… I don’t need to be loved back. I just simply love my wife”

Yap! That’s all the story 😀

Tell me what do you think, and anyway

gotta go lunch with Budh!


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